To access instruments at PBCF, a user needs a PBCF-Badger account for reservations, usage, and billing. If you are a registered Badger user with another facility, you still need to create a PBCF-Badger account. 

How to install Badger and Register

Badger for desktops/laptops is a Java client app. The Java 8 Runtime Environment (JRE) version is suggested. You need to download it on each computer from which you want to access Badger.

Use the link below to download PBCF-Badger

When you click on the downloaded jnlp file, it installs an icon on the desktop, which should be used to open the app.

Click on New Member

Input the following information

  • Email-Your Columbia email
  • Account-PI's last name with "-test" appended as Ma-test. 
  • Advisor-Type in your PI's last name and your advisor's name should pop up. If not, please email me at