The facility currently consists of the instruments listed below.  Instrument time is reserved using the PBCF Badger. For access to the PBCF and the Badger scheduler, or to coordinate training, contact the manager Jia Ma.  New users are welcome.

BioTek Neo2 Plate Reader 

  • Multimode plate reader good for UV-Vis absorbance, fluorescence intensity, luminescence, fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence, and alpha detection

MicroCal Auto iTC 200 

  • Automated, high sensitive isothermal titration calorimeter to characterize molecular interactions without labeling

Nicoya OpenSPR 

  • Benchtop Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instrument to characterize binding affinity and kinetics 

Chirascan V100 Spectrometer

  • High sensitivity and accuracy Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectrometer
  • For any use of the CD instrument that results in a publication, please acknowledge NIH award 1S10OD025102-01

Size Exclusion Column coupled Multi-Angle Light Scattering (SEC-MALS)

  • Wyatt Dawn Multi-Angle Light Scattering detector
  • Wyatt Optilab T-rEX refractive index detector
  • Agilent 1260 HPLC system with a  Diode-Array detector and a fluorescence detector 

Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)

  • Wyatt DynaPro NanoStar DLS system
  • Stand alone mode and online mode with Wyatt SEC-MALS

Horiba Lifetime fluorimeter

  • Light source
    • Light source75W Xenon arc lamp
    • Xenon flash lamp
    • 420 PP-FD pulsed white laser
    • White laser doubler
  • Detector
    • 920C PMT
    • InGaAs detector
    • InAs detector
    • PPD 850
  • Steady state detection wavelength
    • 200-900 nm
    • 1000 nm - 3400 nm
  • Lifetime detection wavelength
    • 260-360 nm
    • 400-900 nm
    • 1000-1500 nm

Cell Disruptors 

  • French Press
  • Sonicator


  • SPEX SamplePrep 6875D Freezer/Mill® Dual Chamber Cryogenic Grinder

High-Speed Centrifuges

  • Beckman Avanti J-E Centrifuge
  • Sorvall Desktop Centrifuge


  • Beckman Optima 100 Ultracentrifuge 
    • Swing bucket rotors: SW 60, SW 32, SW41
    • Fixed angle rotors: Type 100, Type 42.2, Type 70.1
    • Zonal rotor: Ti-15  
  • Beckman Optima L70 Ultracentrifuge
    • Fixed angle rotors: Type 70

Incubator Shakers

  • Innova 43 Shaker


  • Labconco Freeze Dryer 6L -84C


Superresolution and Structured Illumination microscopy